Fringe Decks in Standard #4: Andrew Cuneo’s U/R Tutelage!


Hello Everyone! While I was going over the Pro Tour Origins footage, I saw this interesting deck featuring Sphinx’s Tutelage, a new card from Magic Origins. Let’s take a look at the card:


This card is pretty nice. I pulled two of them in the prerelease, and played around with them, and it was pretty fun. The gist of the deck is to draw as many cards as you can, even if there are drawbacks to the card draw. Since mosts decks feature lots of multicolored spells, and I saw him get ten or more cards into the opponent’s graveyard per card you draw.

tormentingvoice dictateofkruphix

Above are two examples are really nice card draw cards that have small drawbacks, because Sphinx’s Tutelage only cares about how many cards you draw, not about the drawbacks. The idea isn’t card advantage, it’s about triggering Sphinx’s Tutelage.


The deck also includes a playset of Jaces, just to get some extra cards going. The flipped Jace really doesn’t do much for the deck, but the creature Jace works really well with the deck.

I think this deck is great, and will probably still be good in the new Standard when Theros rotates out, because most of the important cards aren’t in the Theros block. I might build a budget-ish version of this deck later on, after I finish working out my Standard Tribal Elf deck.

Here’s the decklist:


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