Battle For Zendikar Prerelease Primer and Plans!


Hello Everyone! Today I’m going to give you a few tops for the BFZ Prerelease, and also my plans for the prerelease. First, let’s talk about some archetypes that will probably work out pretty well.


  1. Awaken with Halimar Tidecaller. If you get a few Halimar Tidecallers, an Awaken could turn deck could turn out pretty well. Just throw in a bunch of Awaken cards, and you’re set.


2. Ingest-Processors. If you get a few different Ingest creatures, you could force them in pretty easily, exiling a bunch of cards. If you get any Processors like Wasteland Strangler, that’s a great way to go.


3. Allies. Allies is a good, viable archetype. Good color combos are R/W, B/W, G/W and R/B/W. There’s a ton of allies in the set, and a lot of really playable ones.


From tomorrow to Friday, the 25th, I’m going camping. Two days after I get back, I’m going to a BFZ Prerelease Event. My first choice of colors is white, but after that, my choice would be blue. What colors are you choosing? Comment Below!


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