9/17 BFZ Spoilers: Sire of Stagnation! Part the Waterveil! Drana, Liberator of Malakir!


Hello Everyone! We have some sweet new spoilers today! First, we have a card that I accidentally looked over when it was spoiled a week ago, so I’ll talk about it now. Drana is a nice, agressively costed 2/3 Flier with First Strike for 3 mana. After reading the post on Drana on GoyfWars, another blog, I also realized that if it got through, the +1/+1 counter effect would trigger and pump your team before they did damage, causing them to do even more damage! I like it, but I don’t know if it’s really going to see play in Standard.

SireofStagnation ParttheWaterveil

Sire of Stagnation is a nice card that will support a U/B Exile Mill Deck in Standard, if it can become competitive enough. It’s pretty great, because it’s also a pretty nice attacker, at 5/7. Next, we have Part the Waterveil. Now, we have two extra turn taking cards in Standard. First, we have Temporal Trespass, which is 11 mana for an extra turn, but it also has delve. This only costs six, and can be played for 3 extra for a 6/6 Elemental. I think that Part the Waterveil is better in a more aggresive Awaken deck, but Temporal Trespass is better in a more controlling deck.

Hope you Enjoyed!


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