9/15 BFZ Spoilers: Quarantine Field! New Land Cycle!


Hello Everyone! T’m back with more BFZ Spoilers! First, we have Quarantine Field. It’s way underpowered for a mythic, I would make it a rare. It’s 2WW for an Oblivion Ring, 4WW for two Rings, and 6WW for 3 Rings. It doesn’t actually get to be more efficient removal until you’re exiling 3 creatures for 8 mana. If it was XXW instead of XXWW, that would be a powerful, but not broken mythic.

sandstonebridge skylinecascade

Next, we have two cards of a five card cycle of lands that impact the game when they enter. Sandstone Bridge is nice for Limited as a common, but Skyline Cascade may even be Standard playable in control. Skyline Cascade seems pretty annoying!

morurarymire loomingspires

Mortuary Mire is really great. I think that Mortuary Mire and Skyline Cascade are the only playable lands in the cycle. Looming Spires is like Sandstone Bridge: nice in Limited, garbage in Standard.

fertilethicket Uginsinsight

Fertile Thicket is on the verge of being playable, in my opinion, because it’s not as great as Skyline Cascade, but better than the red and white lands from the cycle. Ugin’s Insight is pretty great. If this is a turn five play, you’ll probably have a CMC 4 permanent on the field, causing you to scry 4, which will probably show you a few nice cards, which you can draw later.

wastelandstrangler angeliccaptain

Wasteland Strangler is a nice turn three creature, because on turn three, it can kill almost any creature. I’m really liking these Processors, and Standard Ingest might be a competitive archetype. Next, we have Angelic Captain. Angelic Captain is a nice Ally that might be Standard playable in Mardu Allies. If it was 4/4, that would definitely be playable. I’m not quite sure yet about it.

Hope you Enjoyed!


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