Prices Explained #6: BFZ Speculation Update!


Hello Everybody! I’m back with another update on my BFZ investment! Due to a recommendation from ElspethFTW, a fellow Magic: The Gathering blogger, I invested in 4 Kabira Evangels, which have already started climbing after I bought before it was even delivered to my house. It did cost me 6.50$, bringing my total amount invested to 95.73$, bringing it dangerously close to the 100$ mark, which I do not want to surpass.

New Additions

Akoum Battlesinger

Other than the four Kabira Evangels, since the last speculation update, I’ve been traded two Animist’s Awakenings and four Harabaz Druids, because I already accounted for the price of acquiring these cards, so that doesn’t bring my investment total up anymore. In addition to that, I bought another 10 Akoum Battlesingers for 2.95$, because I couldn’t resist the urge. I talked about Akoum Battlesinger in the prior speculation update here. That brings my total up to 98.68$.

Bye, Bye

harabaz druid

Today, I’m saying bye, bye to Harabaz Druid. Sadly, since I bought it, it’s dropped 14%. I actually own 8 copies, though 4 are en route to me. I am listing the 4 I have on hand on eBay with a starting bid of 10$ (buy them if you want them here ENDING 9/19). When the others get here, I may sell them, or I may keep them, but most likely sell them.

I’ll Keep an Eye on You


Between the last two updates, I say some growth in Jwari Shapeshifter, it was as if the market was like: “Maybe… Maybe…. Just need some more information about BFZ”, but today’s spoilers were apparently too much for them because it dropped 7% today! I’ll keep an eye on it, in case it spikes.

Hope you Enjoyed!


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