9/14 BFZ Spoilers: Endless One! Noyan Dar! Ally Encampment!


Hello Everyone! I’m back with more BFZ Spoilers! First one is Endless One, which is great for Limited, but I don’t see much application in Constructed, where a 3/3 for 3 or even a 8/8 for 8 isn’t great.


Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper seems like a nice Commander (though I don’t play much Commander). I’m considering not making a G/W Land Awaken deck, but maybe making a W/U/G one, because blue is looking to be a good Land Awaken color. Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper is an ally, but I don’t see him being played in Allies. Next, we have Ally Encampment, which is a pretty cool land to have in Allies. Not only can it generate any color of mana to cast an ally, it also has to bonus of being able to bounce an ally to your hand, so you can get it’s enter the battlefield abilities all over! Not sure about it in Standard, but definitely a nice casual card.

sanctumofugin duststalker

I’m really liking these Eldrazi tutors. Sanctum of Ugin is a great card that allows you to look for a colorless creature (usually always an Eldrazi) whenever a creature with power 7 or greater (usually an Eldrazi enters the battlefield. I’m not so sure about it. Next up is Dust Stalker. This isn’t a very good rare, not even in Limited. Pretty janky.

Hope you Enjoyed!

P.S. A bunch of BFZ Full Art Land Arts were revealed check them out here.


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