Prices Explained #5: BFZ Speculation Update!

Hello Everyone! I’m back to tell you all about how my BFZ Investment is doing!

Last Investment Post

Animist’s-Awakeningjwarishapeshifterharabaz druid

Last post, I invested in a playset of Harabaz Druids, a playset of Jwari Shapeshifters, and a playset of Animist’s Awakenings. I also put an extra playset of each on my PucaTrade (An Online Trading Site) wantlist. From the wantlist, I only managed to get one Animist’s Awakening. The Harabaz Druids have dropped 14% from when I bought them, so not great so far. The Jwari Shapeshifter lost 2.8%, so not as bad. If the Harabaz Druids continue to drop, I may sell them for a loss, but I want to wait a few days in case Green and Blue get any good allies. Animist’s Awakening has climbed 8.24% since I invested, mostly because we’re getting great Landfall cards everyday. Overall, my investment has lost 2.69%, a total of 1.14$.

New Additions

Akoum BattlesingerMarch From the Tomb

From today’s spoilers, I think that Mardu Allies is the best color matchup. If we get some more good Allies in Mardu colors, Akoum Battlesinger is probably going to be one of the first to spike. As I said in today’s spoilers post, if Modern Mardu Allies becomes competitive, a good combination would be to return four Akoum Battlesingers with March from the Tomb, which causes them to all be 17/1s with haste, and trigger lots of Rally and other Allies abilities. Akoum Battlesinger hasn’t spiked yet, but I expect it to. For 7.03$, I got 9 Akoum Battlesingers, 2 of which are foil. That brings my total spending up to 89.23$. It would sure suck if I lost money on this.

Hope you Enjoyed! Comment your thoughts below!


5 thoughts on “Prices Explained #5: BFZ Speculation Update!

  1. I really like Akoum Battlesinger. March from the Tomb will be a great card for allies. Another ally I’d look out for is Kabira Evangel who gives protection from a color when he or another ally enters. I got 3 for 1.50 already. He’d definetly be in that Mardu allies deck.

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