9/11 BFZ Spoilers: Akoum Firebird! Sylvan Scrying! Felidar Sovereign!

Circle of Hedrons

Hello Everyone! I’m back with more BFZ Spoilers! First up, Circle of Hedrons. This card will be sideboarded in Legacy, to try and combat Tron decks. If Standard Ingest will Ulamog becomes a competitive deck, then this will be a great card to have to combat those also.

From BeyonfFelidar Sovereign

From Beyond is crazy good. It not only spits out Scions, you can sac it to tutor for any Eldrazi, which is a humongous bonus. We also have a reprint of Felidar Sovereign, which I don’t think we’ll see in competitive Standard, but it’s a fun casual card.

Exert Influence March From the Tomb

Exert Influence isn’t great because of the efficiency of Mind Control. Would be great if it was XU instead. March from the Tomb is crazy good! Returning 8 mana worth of allies for 5 mana, that’s great! Before this, I was going to build G/W or R/W Allies, now probably Mardu Allies! This is rwally good, even in Modern. If you return four Akoum Battlesingers, you’ll have four 17/1s with haste. Great!

Brutal Explosion Prism Array

Brutal Explosion is basically “Eldrazi’s Command”! I really like the value from this 2 for 1. It can burn and bounce at the same time. Prism Array is a really weird card. Who’s going to play rainbow except for maybe some crazy Eldrazi player who wants the best from each color…

Akoum Firebird Sylvan Scrying

Sylvan Scrying Reprint! Yay! Probably use it in R/G Elementals to hit more land drops. With the reprint, prices may drop to 1-2$. Last card of the day is Akoum Firebird. It’s a great turn 4 attacker, but I don’t see why it’s a mythic. 3/3 is really fragile, and the rebirth cost is way overpriced. Should probably be a rare at most.

Hope you Enjoyed!


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