9/10 BFZ Spoilers: Void Winnower! Green Warden of Murasa! 5 Limited Uncommons!


Hello Everyone! I’m back with more BFZ Spoilers! First up, Void Winnower. Wait a sec. It’s like related to Gilt-Leaf Winnower? These two Winnowers both have odd effects. One kills creatures that have uneven power and toughness and the other locks down even CMC cards? This is kind of weird. What the heck does Winnower even mean? Winnow means to remove items/people from a group until the best ones are left. Interesting. I like this odd Eldrazi, he might make it into some Tron decks.

heraldofkozilek catacombsifter

These two a great limited uncommons, and I really like how they extended the art out of the frame onto the edges. Catacomb Sifter is great, because it not only provides two bodies, with three total power, it also gives you the scrying bonus. Of the uncommons spoiled today, I think that Herald of Kozilek is the best because it makes cost 0, making it a great EDH card and it cuts down costs of big colorless creatures like Wurmcoil.


Next up is Drana’s Emissary is not that great, even in Limited, because even though it’s a Ally, the life drain effect can’t really impact the game at all. Skyrider Elf has some tribal bonuses, being an Elf Ally, and is pretty cool. Even a 2/2 for 2 mana isn’t bad. If you want to pour more in that’s great. I like that there’s X cost on a Converge card, so you can go 3/3 for 3, 4/4 for 4, or maybe even 5/5 for 5 when you cast it.


The last of the uncommons it Resolute Blademaster. Though it’s good in Limited, It’s a little expensive. The high mana cost makes it feel weak, but it’s actually pretty ok, but I don’t see it being played in Constructed. Shambling Vents is another manland that turns into a 2/3 Elemental with Lifelink, which is ok. I just noticed that the manlands are in enemy colors, so I won’t get a G/W for my Awaken Land deck.

mundaambushleader GreenWarderofMurasa

Munda, Ambush Leader is pretty great. In an ally heavy deck, when you look at the top 4, you’ll almost always get an ally, which you can cast to trigger rally again, so a good grindy card. This card makes me think that Allies could be a competitive Standard deck. If red sees some more good allies, then R/W might be the best ally colors. Right now, G/W is occupying that spot. I saved the best for the last. We have another Mythic Elemental. Third one. Wizards is really pushing Elementals like they pushed Thopters in Origins. Greenwarden of Murasa is the nice green fatty that we’ve been looking for. It’s basically a Restock with a 5/4 stacked on for only one more mana. Pretty good. I love the Elemental synergy! Though it doesn’t have tools to be competitive in Standard, casual R/G Elementals would be awesome!

Hope you Enjoyed!


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