9/9 BFZ Spoilers: 4 Limited Uncommons!

roil spout

Hello Everyone! I’m back with more BFZ Spoilers! This first one, Roil Spout, is definitely a nice Limited card but doesn’t have much chance in Standard because U/W Control isn’t a competitive archetype. The awaken cost is reasonable, but I don’t see much of a U/W awaken theme.

ulamogs nullifier

Ulamog’s Nullifier is both good in Limited, but it may be able to get into Standard if a Standard Ingest deck works out, which will need these processors to take full advantage of exiling your opponents cards.

grovetender druid

Grovetender Druids is a nice little limited card and I think I may build a nice little casual G/W Allies deck to have some fun. One thing though. Plants are now 1/1s instead on 0/1s? Well, even the plants are growing thorns to repel the Eldrazi. Good Job Plants! 🙂 I know this will probably never happen, but spitting out 1/1 Allies with Rally effects for maybe 2 or 3 mana each would be nice. Or maybe if you could only activate the ability once per turn…. (I might talk about that later)

grove rumbler

Grove Rumbler is a nice card. Wizards is really giving G/R Elementals a chance! Definitely a great limited card, and if it was a 4/4, it would be in Standard. Even only at 3/3, with some nice Green mana ramp cards in Standard, this could be competitive. I really don’t know. Maybe, maybe not.

Hope you Enjoyed!


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