9/7 BFZ Spoilers: Planar Outburst!

planar outburst

Hello Everyone! Today, I’m going to be talking about this heck of a boardwipe. For five, it takes out all nonland creatures. Since awaken is an ability that turns lands into creatures, the word nonland has a lot of impact. For me, this screams “G/W STANDARD AWAKEN!”. In this imaginary Standard Awaken, The only creatures are four Nissa, Vastwoods that you flip early with some mana ramp, then churn out land creatures with Nissa while playing all your awaken spells for a little extra to get the land creatures, then eventually cast Planar Outburst and destroy every single creature except for yours, and win with all your land creatures. Sure, something could go wrong, but that could be a pretty competitive deck once if we can get some more good Awaken cards in the rest of BFZ.

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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