9/7 BFZ Spoilers #2: Desolation Twin! Bring to Light! Lumbering Falls!

desolation twin

Hello Everyone! I’m back with more spoilers! Since official spoilers season has started, I’m not going to cover close to all of them. Let’s start with one of the best rare Eldrazi I’ve seen in this set. It’s pretty basic. It’s ten mana for a 10/10 that enters with another 10/10. This has to be one of the chase rares in the set. I can see people ramping into it at turn 5 or 6. I’m sure that some new Standard deck will find a way to include this card. In Modern populate decks, populating 10/10s will be endgame for your opponent. Eldrazi as so overpowered sometimes…

statis snare

Statis Snare is going to be our BFZ Game Day Promo. Seems like an ideal replacement for the Banishing Light that’s shifting out. Even better than Banishing Light, it has flash so you can use it as a combat trick. Too bad I can’t go to Game Day. 🙂


Lumbering Falls is a great land. Probably getting a cycle of these creature lands. I’m planning a awaken deck (I talked about it here), so if we get a G/W version of this, it’s going into my awaken deck. Lumbering Falls is pretty good, and the hexproof on the land creature makes the card a lot less vulnerable. Which is good, because you don’t want your lands to die.

bring to light

Bring to Light has a lot of text on it. Let me summarize: Search your deck for an instant, sorcery or creature with mana cost equal or less to the number of colors of mana spent to cast it, then cast that card without paying it’s mana cost. That number would typically be a three or a four, which can hot most of the good cards in the deck. I think it’s a pretty nice tutor. Maybe 2 or 3 dollars even if it doesn’t fit in a competitive deck.

Hope you enjoyed!


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