Prices Explained #4: Spiking Speculation for Battle for Zendikar!

Hello Everyone! Right now, I’m going to look into the financial side of Battle For Zendikar! I’m going to spend 75$ to try to purchase cards that will spike in Battle for Zendikar. After, that money is put in, I’ll keep track of my investment and update you guys regularly.

harabaz druid

First, Harabaz Druid. This is a card that’s price will benefit greatly if we get a few great allies that push allies into an archetype that can be played competitively in Standard. Originally hovering around 2$ before BFZ, the first 40 cards of BFZ have been enough to push it to 3.50$. I have bought a playset on eBay for 14.25$, and have put another playset on my wantlist on PucaTrade, a great online trading site. Even if this card only makes it to 5$, if I have 8, I’ll have gained ~12$. Let’s say these eight cost me 28.50$.


Jwari Shapeshifter is not as good as Harabaz Druid, but still probably the second most playable ally in Modern. Before BFZ, it was at around 0.50$. Now, it’s around 3$ also. Like Harabaz Druid, I’m looking for eight of these. A playset on eBay for 12.98$, and a playset on PucaTrade. Let’s call it 25.96$.


This card is from Origins, so if it spikes, we’ll have a nice Standard staple on our hands. The reason for buying up this card is Landfall. Most decks are around 40% land, so even if you only cast for 5, you’ll get at least two lands. In more land-heavy decks, maybe ever three or four. Each individual trigger will build up to a pretty nice aftermath. Standard Landfall! This card was around 1.25% before BFZ, and is now 2.50$. I bought a playset on ChannelFireball for 13.87$, because eBay was out of them. Like all the others, I put another playset on my PucaTrade want list. Let’s call it 27.74$.

That totals up to 82.20$. A little over my budget, but I did it. I really hope BFZ isn’t a dud, and I can get my money back (Hopefully plus some) in a month or so.

One more thing before you leave. You may have noticed that on every instance of the word PucaTrade on this post, I included a link to the PucaTrade referral page where if you sign up for PucaTrade, and complete mobile verification, I will get 100 PucaPoints, the equivalent of a dollar. This will really help me build new decks so I have more content to blog about. PucaTrade is a great trading site, where I’ve already traded away over 100$ worth of cards. Please sign up! My profile is K Chang if you want to message or trade with me.

Hope you enjoyed!


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