9/1/15 BFZ Spoilers: Zendikari Expeditions! Lantern Scout! Drowner of Hope!


What the heck is Wizards doing! They’re putting 100$ bills in BFZ packs! Read this:

– In Battle for Zendikar, 25 lands will be a Zendikari Expedition: The 10 Fetchlands, the 10 Shocklands, and the 5 new Duals.
– Will be Mythic Rare Foils.
– They will take the slot of a foil in booster, so they do not replace the rare.
– They exist outside of the set, so a printing in the Zendikari Expedition does not make a card standard legal. So no Shocklands/Enemy Fetches in standard, people.
– The set after Battle for Zendikar will have 20 of these lands, which ones are as of yet unknown.
– The exact distribution of these is as of yet unknown, but they are likely to be extremely rare.

What the heck! Wizards is making some big changes! First, prerelease changes, then this? What the heck! These shock, fetches, and the new duals are all getting full art versions placed randomly in booster packs! These all have to be in the triple digits! I need to get some of these.

“It’s as if a million wallets suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.” –Empathogen

Anyway, moving on.


Drowner of Hope kind of messes up my predictions of the Eldrazi colors being Red, Green, and Black. For 6, this is a pretty good tapper. It also comes in with two Scions to sac, which is a good bonus. I wonder if there will be more Scion sacrificers in the set.


Lantern Scout is another rally creature, but this time, it gives all your creatures lifelink when an Ally enters the battlefield. Definitely a bomb in limited, but I don’t know about it in Standard. Not anything special. Probably going to be a bulk rare.

Hope you enjoyed!


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