8/31 BFZ Spoilers: Brood Butcher, Nissa’s Renewal, and Breaker of Armies!


Hello Everyone! I’m back with more BFZ Spoilers! First up is Brood Butcher! It’s 5 mana for a 3/3 that enters with an Eldrazi Scion token, and allows you to sac creatures to weaken/remove opponent’s creatures. Definitely a bomb in limited, but I really don’t know if there will be a big Eldrazi deck in Standard that’s going to use this. Though all Eldrazi so far are either Devoid or already colorless, the main colors for casting Eldrazi with devoid seem to be Green, Red, and Black.


Nissa picked a good time to show up at Zendikar. Nissa’s Renewal will fetch quite a price if we get some better landfall cards. Not only does it give life gain in green, which is uncommon, it puts in three lands, which is just killer for landfall effects. Green is turning out to be one of the major Eldrazi colors, and basically all the Eldrazi need some ramp to make an impact early enough. So, I’m thinking I want to pre-order a few of these.


Breaker of the Armies is a great card to have if you’re doing an Alpha Strike, because all your other Eldrazi get through, but they probably kill Breaker, but the damage will already be done. Breaker should be at least a rare, in my eyes. In sealed, I can see myself getting 2 or 3 of these being the reason for a Ramp Eldrazi deck. Definitely one of the power uncommons in the set.

Hope you enjoyed!


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