8/29 BFZ Spoilers: Omnath, Locus of Rage!

Locus of Rage

Omnath, Locus of Rage was spoiled during the World Championship Twitch Stream today, and it is one sick mythic! It’s landfall summons 5/5 Elementals, and it can burn for 3 every time Omnath or a Elemental dies. When the full BFZ Spoiler is out, I’m totally making Elemental Tribal, because when BFZ is released, there will be at least 14 Elementals in Standard, even after Theros and M15 rotate out. Omnath is super great. With fetches in Standard, Omnath is going to be spitting loads of 5/5s out. With the added bonus of burning whenever a Elemental dies, Omnath is a pure powerhouse!

Tell me what you would put in an Elemental Tribal deck in the comments! Hope you enjoyed!


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