Prices Explained #3: Are Any Magic Cards Worth Their Weight in Gold?


Hello Everybody! Today, I’m going to lighten up the mood with a more fun post doing the math to see how many, if any MTG cards are worth their weight in gold. The calculations are done in metric, with imperial measurements in parentheses.


My hypothesis is that for a MTG card to be worth what they would be worth if they were made of gold, it has to be worth about 100$. That means that there a few hundred cards worth at last their weight in gold if my hypothesis is true. What is your guess?



According to Quiet Speculation, a MTG Finance site, thousand MTG cards weigh 1775 grams (~62.61 oz), so one card is approximately one-thousandth of 1775 grams (~62.61 oz), or 1.775 per gram (~0.062 oz). Gold is worth 37.31$USD per gram (1,154.76$USD/oz), so one card is only worth ~66.23$USD.


I was not very close with my guess, how close were you? No pricing sites I know of can give you a count of how many cards are over a certain price, but I’m estimating maybe 500? Be sure to tell me your predictions for how many MTG cards are worth what they would be worth if they made of gold, and if you know a pricing site that can perform the aforementioned function. Thanks for reading!


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