BFZ and ZVE Spoilers! New Keywords!

Hello! I’m still on vacation, but this had to be posted. The full duel deck spoilers are out! They bring the first BFZ spoilers, along with three new keywords.


Devoid and Ingest are both new Eldrazi keywords. Devoid allows any creature to be colorless, and I predict that like Dominator Drone, there will lots of colorless creature synergy in Battle For Zendikar. Ingest is also a new mechanic, and it has big potential. Though the individual effect is quite small, I can see decks based around this mechanic in Battle For Zendikar. Overall, this is a overpowered common. 3/2 for 3 that can mill, and can make opponents lose life when it enters? Probably one of my top draft picks.

As a three drop, the first effect isn’t very good. But I see potential in Awaken. If you cast this spell for 3 extra, you get a 3/3 with haste. I don’t like the fact that your land doesn’t change back, but I trust that people with find a way to utilize Awaken in a good way.

Anyway, I think the ZVE Duel deck is a good buy, preorder prices are down to 20$, and I will probably preorder one soon. Hope you enjoyed! See you later!



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