Prices Explained #2: Why is Blood Moon So Expensive?



To most, Blood Moon doesn’t look like much. But to some, this is a powerhouse. It’s currently worth $50.

But why? Why is it’s effect so effective? In Modern, it’s one of the most side-boarded cards because of it’s effectivity against Tron and Robot decks. It’s effective on Robots because of their heavy reliance on Darksteel Citadel, Blinkmoth Nexus, and Inkmoth Nexus, which are all non-basics. It’s also effective on Tron because of Tron’s reliance on the Urza Lands. The power to turn all these key cards into mountains will heavily unstabilize the opponent’s gameplay and probably lead you to a win. So, because of the popularity of Modern Tron, this card is heavily side-boarded, which leads to a high demand, which leads to, of course, a higher price.

Thanks for viewing! Hope you enjoyed!

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