Fringe Decks in Standard #2: Abzan Rally


Today, we’re looking at Abzan Rally, which has an extremely similar play style to Five-Color Rally, which I looked at in the previous Fringe Decks post.

Main Concept 

One big difference is that it includes a Fleshbag Marauder/Merciless Executioner + Liliana, Heretical Healer, for an easy flip.


For the first time in Standard, Collected Company actually looks like a scary card instead of just protection for your big sweepers. It can set up an immediate Liliana flip with Fleshbag, it can help find Nantuko, to start the combo, or it can just fill the board with bodies to buy time until you Rally.

In case you didn’t read the first post, and don’t know what Rally is, it’s where you sacrifice a load of low CMC creatures to Nantuko, then bring them all back with Rally, sac them again, then give Nantuko haste/intimidate with Mogis’s Maruader. Then swing with Nantuko. Bye Bye Life Total. 🙂

Standard Popularity

Though it hasn’t been around for long because Nantuko only became reprinted in Origins a few weeks ago, Rally decks are growing quickly in popularity. In the Richmond Open Series a week ago, Abzan Rally was played by Ray Tautic, who achieved first place.

Casual Options

For casual players on a budget like myself, I cooked up a watered down Rally deck for $72, compared to the $410 competitive deck. It still plays well, even though it’s missing it’s missing a whopping ~$340!


Like Five-Color Rally, Abzan Rally is complicated. If you play it, you’ll likely be confused and make bad decisions the first few games before you get a better feel for what you need to do with the deck. Hope you enjoyed this post!


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