Prices Explained #1: Why is Goyf Worth So Much?


Why is Tarmogoyf worth so much? This is a questions asked by many newer players and even older players. Today, I’m going to try to explain to you guys hy Tarmogoyf is so valued.

Currently, it’s worth $155-$160. But why?

One reason, above all others is it’s short print run. It was first printed in Future Sight, which wasn’t all too popular, resulting in a shortage of Goyfs. Though he was reprinted in both Modern Masters sets, they were both “conservative print run” sets so the supply of Goyfs just can’t meet the demand for them. Personally, I think for just the gameplay value, it’s worth at most $45.

But why does it even justify that $45? Goyf isn’t actually played primarily in green decks, it is played primarily in blue control, as a way to defend against early game aggro, and even as a defense against midrange decks. Blue decks literally splash green just for Goyf. Goyf is a really great tempo beater. It can grow extremely quickly in Modern and Legacy, where fetches, instants, creatures, and sorceries all get into the graveyard all within the first turn or two. It’s cheap to play and grows without having to invest any more in it as the game progresses, and can be run in almost any deck because it’s only 1G.

What do you think about Goyf? What do you think about my opinion on Goyf? Comment below!

One more thing. Be sure to check out this post on Goyf’s vunerabilites on another great site, Modern Nexus!


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