MTG Slang #4: What Do Engine And Evasion Mean?

Hello Everyone! An announcement before we start. Since the slang posts are kind of short, they’re going to start having two terms a post, instead of one. An engine is a card that converts a resource into another resource. For example, a card that turns life into mana, such as Channel, or a card that converts life into cards. Engines are usually the heart of combos, and are restricted in tournaments for being too effective. Engine also is shorthand for the card Wurmcoil Engine.

Example of Usage:

“For my deck, I really need an engine to turn life into card draw. Any ideas?”

Evasion refers to an ability of an creature that restricts the amount of creature able to block it, such as flying, protection, or mountainwalk.

Example of Usage:

“For my new Dimir deck, I need creatures with evasion so I can recast spells using cipher.”


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