Zendikar Vs. Eldrazi Duel Deck Spoilers!

Hello Everybody! Today, the packaging and to two front promos from the Zendikar Vs. Eldrazi were spoiled.

Oblivion Sower is a 5/8 for 6, and when it enters, target opponent exiles top four and you can play any land cards for those four. This card is not a reprint, and will show up in BFZ. It is a great 6 drop, and will probably see some Standard play.

This is a Commander 2013 reprint, and it heads the forces of Zendikar. It is a sizable 5/5 for 7, and brings along a lot of chump blockers. It’s plant chump blockers also have potential to grow quite large. It’s quite a good card, and I’m happy that it has been reprinted.

Thanks for viewing this spoiler post! Hope you enjoyed seeing the packaging and the front cars for the next duel deck!


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