Fringe Decks in Standard #1: Five-Color Rally


Hello Everybody! This series, called Fringe Decks, focuses on less popular decks in Standard, and analyzes how they work. This first deck is Five-Color Rally, and is arguably the most complicated deck in Standard right now.

Main Concept 

The main concept of Five-Color Rally is to get a bunch of efficient creatures onto the battlefield, then sacrifice them all to Nantuko Husk to make it super powerful, and then bring all the sacrificed creatures with Rally the Ancestors. Then give Nantuko Husk Intimidate and Haste with Mogis’s Marauder. This is an quite complicated combo deck, and the creator himself missed the Top 8 because he made several errors while playing. The name comes from the fact that it has cards in all five colors.

Standard Popularity

In the most recent SCG Open Series in Chicago, a player called Matthew Tickal played Five-Color Rally. In that tournament, Matthew was the only one to play it, and he only placed 34th out of 64 people. His deck included many new cards from Origins, such as Liliana to revive creatures to sac them again, and Gather the Pack to help get his creatures more quickly. His deck also included lots of mana ramp to get his creatures on more quickly so he could sac them to Nantuko. His decklist can be found here.

Casual Options

If you want to play Five-Color Rally, Matthew Tickal’s deck costs around 268$, but only because he included a playset of Jace, Telepaths and a Liliana, which are not necessary, just a new twist coming from Origins. In Standard, you probably shouldn’t invest in this deck because a key card, Mogis’s Marauder is shifting out in 2 months. If your Casual Magic meetings don’t care much about formats, this is a fun but extremely complicated deck to play. In Modern, I don’t see much people playing Five-Color Rally, but you could try it out.


Five-Color Rally is complicated. Super complicated. If you’re up for a challenge, playing this deck may be fun. Hope you enjoyed this post, if you have suggestions for the future, comment below!


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