Magic Slang of the Week #3: What does Chump Block mean?

Hello Everybody! I’m doing another Magic Slang post! This should’ve been posted yesterday, but I was too busy but here it is! A chump block is a block using a useless card. Chump blockers are usually cards with good ETB abilities but bad power and toughness such as Trostani’s Summoner or 1/1 tokens that have almost no use.


A classic chump blocking moment:

Jack has a 12/12 Outland Colossus. Jane has a 1/1 Goblin and a Krenko. She gets lots of 1/1 Goblins and uses them to chump block Outland Colossus until she gets removal then wins with her Goblins.

Hope you enjoyed! Have suggestions? Comment them below!


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