Top 3 Standard Decks Right Now

Do you want to know what the most popular, most successful current standard decks are? Using data from Open Series Chicago, I compiled this list. It input total placement scores for each specific deck type and it tells me the average placement for each deck type. It only takes into account all the deck types that were played by at least 2 people. It’s not exact, just a rough sketch of the standard field right now. Which is changing soon because of Standard rotation shifts.


This is a chart showing 10 decks and their respective amount of entries, total placement score, and average placement score.

3 Most Popular

By the number of entries, Abzan Control was the most popular, with 13 out of 64 or roughly 20% playing Abzan Control. The average placement was 26th for Abzan Control. Of the top 8, one of them played Abzan Control and placed 5th. G/R Devotion was second most popular with 8 out of 64 or 13% of the player playing G/R Devotion. The average placement was 25th. 3 of the top 8 including the 1st placer played G/R Devotion. Abzan Megamorph was the third most popular, with 6 of the 64 or 9% of the players playing it. The average placement for Abzan Megamorph was 41th. So, a lot of people played Abzan Megamorph but not a lot of them placed well. None of the top 8 played Abzan Megamorph.

3 Best Placers

By average placement, G/R Devotion was most successful. It had an average placement was 25th. Abzan Control and Jeskai Aggro are tied for second with 26th as the average placement. Mardu Dragons comes in 3rd with an average placement of 35th.

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