From The Vault: Angels

Iona-Shield-of-Emeria-Ftv-Angels-216x302 Avacyn-Angel-of-Hope-Ftv-Angels-216x302 Akroma-Angel-of-Fury-Ftv-Angels-216x302 Akroma-Angel-of-Wrath-Ftv-Angels-216x302

Hello Everybody! Today I’m going to talk about FTV Angels. From The Vault: Angels contains 15 foils, 4 of which have been spoiled. Just a few things for those not familiar with FTVs. All the contained cards are foil, and are reprints. They may be used in tournament play in any format that the original card was legal in. So far, FTV Angels looks great. Right here, there is over 150$ of value if the cards were not FTV reprints. FTV reprints tend to fetch a lower price, but the play value for FTV Angels with the cards released so far is amazing

ftv angels

Basic Info

FTV Angels is released on August 21, 2015, so not soon from now. The MSRP is only 34.99$ but on eBay, sellers are charging 80$ for pre-order. What the heck? Well, definitely not going to pre-order on eBay but might buy at my LGS after the release. Thanks for viewing this FTV: Angels overview!


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