Can Abzan Control Stay Alive When Theros Shifts Out? Extra: Post-Theros Abzan Control Brew-Off

Hello Everybody! In this post, I’m going to talk about if Abzan Control can stay a popular decklist after the Theros block shifts out of Standard. Assuming the below decklist is a typical decklist, what cards need to be replaced?

Instant (11)

Planeswalker (6)

Sorcery (5)

If the above is an typical decklist, Abzan Control will lose 41% of it’s overall cards, 57% of it’s creatures, 40% of it’s noncreature spells and 33% of it’s lands. This is quite a big hit. I mean, it’s losing 41% of it’s overall cards. Now let’s take about replacements.



theros scry lands

The Temples from Theros are what make up most of the 33% loss of lands. Though there are not many good replacements in Standard right now, but we can hope for something in Battle for Zendikar. Some would say that painlands do the job, and I agree, but not as well as the Scry Lands.


Ajani-Mentor-of-Heroes Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Two planeswalkers used a lot for this deck are Ajani and Elspeth. Elspeth for it’s OP token effect and it’s -3 removal and Ajani for it’s +1/+1 counter effect, and of course, gain 100 life. Who doesn’t want 100 life? Well, onto replacements. I see none in Standard, and chances are bleak for replacements in Battle for Zendikar. Sorry, Abzan Control, this may not work out. There is one thing that may work. Gideon, Battleforged maybe…. ? Probably not.


Thoughtseize-Theros-Spoiler Courser-of-Kruphix-Born-of-the-Gods-Spoiler

Courser and Thoughtsieze have no replacements in current Standard, though some may come in Battle for Zendikar. Probably not though. These are pretty unique cards.

Magic Origins


Gilt-Leaf Willower looks like a good card to put in the Abzan Control because it can occupy two blockers at a time and more importantly, it has an ETB removal effect. Just a side thingy, I found this post-Theros block Abzan Enchantment Control. It seems okay, but it seems no where as good as the original Theros Abzan Control. It has potential though.


I believe that Abzan Control may not survive the rotation. If it does, it will not be the same. I like the idea that the guy that I linked to above implemented, adding a new theme to the deck. I would absolutely love post-Theros decklist. Wait a sec… Let’s make it a contest email me at The prize for the best is a shoutout on a future post, where I’ll display almost any message of your choice. Thanks for viewing and please submit a deck to win!


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