BFZ Storyline Pictures from Wizards

This post is just a bunch of photos from Wizard’s Twitter account that spoils some off the BFZ storyline. The caption below the pictures is written by Wizards. If you don’t feel like reading through all the pictures, I wrote a summary at the bottom!


Cohesion in storytelling means connecting plotlines in ways we haven’t before. Look who teams up in !


…and we saw Gideon’s struggles on Zendikar the first time around.


Our new story approach also means following through on plot. We’ve seen Gideon’s beginnings…


Everyone’s favorite hieromancer is back to face the Eldrazi alongside the residents of Zendikar.


Gideon has returned to Zendikar with both allies and a new resolve to defeat the Eldrazi.


Focusing the story also means tying up loose ends. Remember Ob Nixilis…?


Here’s an example of a pivotal event from Battle for Zendikar! Three key words: Gate. Slaughter. Sea.


Ob is a Planeswalker-turned-demon trapped on Zendikar…


…there’s a chance Ob Nixilis is desperate for a way off of Zendikar.


Ob Nixilis has a plan.


The Eldrazi were trapped many years ago by Ugin, Sorin and Nahiri.


Both Sorin and Nissa have dealt with the Eldrazi before, albeit a millenia apart. Some wariness is understandable.


Defeating the Eldrazi will require teamwork.


Tying up loose ends means allowing new and fascinating interactions to happen.


Here’s another look at some of the allies we’ll see in … what’s that in Kiora’s hand?

Thanks for viewing this lengthy, possibly boring post. If you didn’t read through carefully, here’s a summary of my take on the pictures. Several planeswalkers including Kiora, Gideon, Jace, Nissa, and Sorin are all on Zendikar to fight common enemy. Ob Nixilis, the planeswalker-turned-demon is trapped on Zendikar, and has a plan to get off. Jace is making a deal with Ugin. In this last picture, it shows Gideon, Kiora and several others on a hill overlooking a swarm of Eldrazi. Do you know what I find interesting? Kiora has Thassa’s Bident.


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