Battle for Zendikar: Full Art Lands?


Hello Everybody! Full Art Lands were in the first Zendikar block, but will they be in the Battle for Zendikar block? That would be super fun for me, because they are ~20$, and I find them cool but have never found the real need for them, so I therefore don’t own any. If they did have them in the upcoming Battle for Zendikar block, I would happily own them!

Where To Find Them If They Are In BFZ

In the original Zendikar block, though I didn’t buy any packs from it, I believe they came in the booster pack land slot and in fat packs. That would be simply amazing to pick up like a 40$ fat pack and get 80 Full Art lands. Sadly, Zendikar Fat Packs go for almost 350$ these days. But if they are in BFZ, I’m assuming they will be the usual MSRP or 40$. Correct me if I’m wrong. I might be wrong because I didn’t actually play Magic when Zendikar was in Standard.

Why Would They Be In BFZ?

Mark Rosewater, a Lead Designer for many Magic sets confirmed that Full Art lands were coming back in an upcoming block, and Battle For Zendikar seems like a likely choice. In the comments below, please tell me about your predictions and your favorite Zendikar Full Art Land. Mine is the Bowl Island (Look at the top picture and you’ll see what I mean 🙂 )


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