The Washington Post: Revenge of the nerds? ‘Magic: The Gathering’ thief caught in elaborate trap.


View it on Washington Post: Revenge of the nerds? ‘Magic: The Gathering’ thief caught in elaborate trap.

I was browsing the web when I came across this story. It’s about a Magic: the Gathering player, Kemper Pogue, who had has 8,000$ worth of cards stolen out of his car.

“Cards have all these memories and conversations with them from people you’ve met all over the country. When Magic players hear that a collection has been stolen, it’s heartbreaking and they rally around each other to get it back.” -Kemper Pogue

“We’re talking about cards that are expensive and rare. You can’t just get rid of it at a pawn shop because that’s too dangerous.” -Detective Cunningham

A day after the robbery in card store in Virginia the owner who was a friend of Pogue’s reportedly saw two men hoping to sell cards matching Pogue’s collection’s description. The men seemed like novices, and he suspected them of selling Pogue’s cards. He redirected them to Curio Cavern, a game store in Springfield where Pogue is a regular.

The men showed up the next afternoon at Curio Cavern. A a store employee who was on the lookout for them told them to come back at 8. The storeowner, Pogue, and the police laid a trap. Two police would be in the store, and more would be positioned outside.  A sign reading “Be back in 5 minutes” was on the door to keep them from entering, while the store employee who previously interacted with them would attempt to verify their identities from a car, so the police could surround them and arrest them.

One of the suspects had an history of armed robbery. The authorities said there was a chance they were armed and would attempt to rob the store. The men arrived 30 minutes later, and they saw the sign and sat down on a bench and waited.

Solomon Dyonne Reed, 20, of Woodbridge, has been charged with felony possession of stolen property with intent to sell, according to Fairfax County General District Court records. The other man was not prosecuted, because they did not think he was involved in the theft.

“We burned ’em! We were one step ahead every step of the way.” -Pogue


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