Magic Origins: Online Drafting

Hello everybody! Today I did some online drafting on TappedOut, and I think you guys would like to see what I brewed up. I’m sharing 3 decks out of the numerous ones I constructed in drafted this morning.

1. Red/Black Aggro

TappedOut: Red/Black Aggro

Red/Black Aggro is exactly what you would expect: Lots of two, three, and four drops. I have several burn cards in here to finish up my opponent or to take out some defenders. Scab-Clan Berserker is pretty awesome in my opinion, because it’s a 2/2 with renown 1 and hast for 3 mana, and when it’s renowned, when an opponent casts a noncreature spell, the take 2 damage. It’s an aggressive attacker that doubles as burn. I had two Infinite Obliterations in here, and when I playtested it online, they did a lot for me because most of my opponents were playing decks that made it pretty obvious what they had in them, so I shut them down easily.

2. Blue/Black Control

TappedOut: Blue/Black Control

Blue/Black Control is the deck that worked best for me in online playtesting. With only nine creatures, I had to use noncreature spells to lock them down super quickly. Luckily, I was able to. The card that worked best for me was Calculated Dismissal because not only could it counter virtually everything in the early game, the spell mastery allowed me to scry 2 when triggered. I have a Day’s Undoing and an Infinite Obliteration in the deck, but I never got to use them. The real lifesaver in here is Prism Ring, because without it’s life-gain effect, I would have died super early against a white weenie I played.

3. Red/Blue Artifacts

TappedOut: Red/Blue Artifacts

Red/Blue Artifacts was my favorite out of all of them. I crushed opponents with lightning quick speed. Most helpful of all was Chief of the Foundry, because I had 3 of them, so I could power up all of my artifact creatures so effectively. Displacement Wave saved me once, and led me to come back and win that game, I put it in as a little bit of control in case things got sticky. I had two burn spells, Exquisite Firecraft and Smash to Smithereens. They never saved my life, but they both helped me out a lot.

Thanks for viewing my summary of today’s online drafting. I hope you enjoyed and please comment your own draft decks below for me to check out!


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