Top 10 Trending Magic Origins Cards

This is not as much about the cards in Origins, but about the prices. This is going to answer the question: What cards should I invest in? In this post won’t rate the cards by price, but by the price change in the last week. This is mostly for people who want to get some cards for low price, sell them higher later, but don’t know what to get yet. If you’re not in that position, this won’t be that useful, but it might be entertaining. Enough with the talk, let’s begin.

10. Sphinx’s Tutelage


Sphinx’s Tutelage, originally a bulk uncommon has shot up to 0.74$, pretty good for a uncommon. This week, it has gained 57%, or 0.42$.

9. Shaman of the Pack

shaman of the pack

Shaman of the Pack was already a 2$ uncommon, but this week it shot up 0.65$ or 26%. Super modern playable in tribal elves. It’s now 2.50$.

8. Kytheon, Hero of Akros


Kytheon, Hero of Akros gained 0.96$, or 6% this week. Though most planeswalkers fizzle out after a few weeks, this card is modern playable, so it might not fizzle.

7. Hangarback Walker


Hangarback Walker is now 2.17$, and experienced 46%, 1$ raise this week.

6. Abbot of Keral Keep


Abbot of Keral Keep is now 3.64$, and leapt up 46%, or 1.49 this past week.

5. Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh


Chandra is currently 11.93$, and it rose 2.39$ or 20% in the last week. My experience with many planeswalkers that aren’t super modern playable is that they fizzle out a few weeks after the set release (e.g. Sarkhan Unbroken was 21$, now is 9$), I expect Chandra to do the same because it’s not very modern playable.

4. Languish


Languish is now 11.03$, and it rose an enormous 50% or 5.52$ this week. I have a promo foil Languish that’s now 20$, so I’m holding on to that!

3. Liliana, Heretical Healer


Liliana is another one of the planeswalkers that I think will see Modern play. It is currently at 26$, and it rose 30% or 7.80$.

2. Thopter Spy Network


Originally thought to be a bulk rare, it’s almost tripled in price this week. It’s currently 3.45$, and it rose 248%. Sorry that I can’t tell you how much it rose, because my pricing site says it rose 9$, which I am pretty sure is inaccurate.

1. Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy


Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy was the lowest priced planeswalker before it jumped 58% or 10.95$. I personally wouldn’t buy this for an investment binder because it is not that modern playable.

Thanks for viewing! Hope you enjoyed this!


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