Magic Slang of The Week #2: What does Bombo mean?

Sorry I couldn’t do it yesterday, I was just too busy living my life! One thing before we start: If you would like to submit a Magic Slang of the Week term for me, please comment it below! This week’s term is Bombo. Yes, Bombo. I didn’t mean to say bomb. Bombo.

Definition: A combo which might seem like it should work at first, but after consulting advanced rules, is invalid. Or, it could also be a combo that is too far-fetched or complicated to complete it can’t really be considered a combo by competitive standards. Bombos are often created for a humour value, and often uses cards that are considered extremely bad, underpowered, and useless. (Cards in a Bombo created for humour value may include useless cards such as Mudhole.)



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