Magic Origins: Review of Brave the Battle Intro Pack

Today I’m reviewing the Brave the Battle Intro Pack. Brave the Battle focuses mainly on getting renown creatures to deal damage in the early game and using white and green “pump” spells to power them up to so they deal so much damage to your opponent that they can’t even launch an offensive.


outland colossus hixusprisonwarden

Outland Colossus is a 6/6 with Renown 6 for 5 mana. It can’t be blocked by more than one creature, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because it makes your Outland Colossus almost indestructible on the offense, but it’s also bad because Outland Colossus doesn’t have trample, and opponents can just “chump block” it until they get removal to take it out. Hixus, Prison Warden is an 4/4 with flash for 5 mana, and when an creature deals damage to you, if Hixus entered the battlefield that turn, you exile that creature until Hixus leaves the battlefield. This can be very useful if your opponent manages to attack with a few creatures, and you flash in Hixus, block one attacker with Hixus, and take some damage but exile all the creatures that did damage to you.

Good Commons/Uncommons

Knight of the Pilgrim’s Road is an 3/2 for 3 mana, and it has renown one. Pretty efficient attacker. Topan Freeblade is a great common, it’s 2/2 with renown 1 and vigilance for only two mana! Valeron Wardens is a 1/3 for 3 mana, but it has renown 2 and it also allows you to draw a card every time a creature you control becomes renowned. Valor in Akros is an enchantment for 4 mana, and when a creature enters the battlefield under your control, you creatures all get +1/+1 until end of turn. Last one I want to talk about is Grasp of the Hieromancer, which for 2 mana, enchants a creature and gives it +1/+1 and when it attacks, tap an opponent’s creature. That’s really good because it not only powers up an creature, but allows you tap a potential blocker.

Cards That You Should Add


Kytheon’s Irregulars is not only a strong renown creature, but you can tap as many creatures as you have mana for to pave the way for your creatures to hammer the opponent’s life total.


Consul’s Lieutenant is a powerful 2/1 with renown 1 and first strike for 2 mana, and when it attacks it also gives all other attacking creatures +1/+1 if it is renowned. A card that will fill my 2 drop spot in a Standard White Weenie deck, if that ever becomes a thing.


Rhox Maulers, is a great renown card. I was amazed by it in the pre-release, because of it’s ability to become renowned so easily because it had trample. Once it became renowned, it would crush opponents as a 6/6 with trample.


Last but not least, a kind of obvious choice, Kytheon, Hero of Akros. Kytheon himself is harder to flip than some other of the flip-walkers but as a creature, is sure powerful. Kytheon is a 2/1 for 1 mana and it can become indestructible for 3 mana. Gideon, Battle-Forged is a great, aggresive planeswalker that can turn into an indestructible 4/4 for 0 loyalty.

Thanks for looking at his Product Review! I hope you enjoyed it!


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