Legacy Land Deck


Ever wanted to play a deck that had 52 lands? Then this is a deck for you! I found this deck on TappedOut, and it’s not mine. I found the decklist intriguing, and I wanted to share it with you guys. I almost never play Legacy, but I hope some of you guys do so you can try this deck out.


Most lands in this deck are lands that turn into creatures (e.g. Blinkmoth NexusCreeping Tar PitDread Statuary, etc.) There is one combo in this deck in particular I want to talk about.

dark-depths hex-parasite vampire-hexmage

The combo uses Dark Depths, and either Vampire Hexmage, or Hex Parasite. It uses either Hex Parasite or Vampire Hexmage, (ideally Vampire Hexmage in the early game) to take all ten ice counters off of Dark Depths and turn it into a 20/20 Flier as early as turn 3. Great combo! Kudos to the deck’s creator, ChaosBrigadier! The TappedOut Link: Legacy Land Deck!


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