Buying from your LGS Vs. Online Dealers

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Should you buy from your local game store or should you buy from an online dealer on eBay or Amazon? Below is a list of pros and cons of buying from a local game store. Enjoy!

Pros of Buying from a Local Store

  1. Community. Your local game store should have a friendly atmosphere, it should be a place where you can pop down to for a couple rounds of casual Magic or for an organized event. Your local game store should give you a sense of community, a sense that you are dealing with real people, not some large online retailer. In a local game store, you can make connections and grow a friendship with the staff and other local magic players. Buying online doesn’t really give you that sense that you are dealing with real people, and it doesn’t really give you a chance to make connections and make new friends.
  2. Trust. Your local game store is a place you can trust. They’re real people you can see and meet and get to know, and they own a real brick and mortar location. They’re there when you need help. Unlike on eBay, where sellers can scam you then disappear and set up a new, clean account, stores aren’t a fly by night operation. Local stores have a reputation, and they probably want to keep it as good as possible. Though there are reliable online dealers such as Channel Fireball, Star City, and Manaleak. Though they can be trusted, you still don’t get that feeling of community.
  3. Events. You can’t really attend a prerelease or EDH night online. The magic of the game store is that you can get together for a hour or two, bring a few decks and a trade binder or two and have a lot of fun and get some cool new cards. Online, it’s dead impossible to do that

Cons of Buying from a Local Store

  1. Price. Price is always an issue when buying from a local store. They charge higher prices because they have to pay rent and staffing costs. In an expensive hobby like Magic, you should always be trying to cut your costs. Online dealers almost always charge lower prices because they don’t have to pay rent and staffing costs.
  2. Convenience. Many people don’t have a local game store near them, and it’s just not worth the time to drive all the way across the city just to go to the game store. Buying online is just way more convenient in that kind of situation.

What do you think? Should local game stores be visited more oftenly? The world is constantly becoming more online, adapt and start buying more from online dealers? Please tell me your thoughts below!


One thought on “Buying from your LGS Vs. Online Dealers

  1. I don’t have a local store, so I either have to get into the car and drive for a couple of hours, or just order from online stores. On top of that, the most price-efficient way, pound-for-pound, of buying cards aren’t from online stores, it’s from online dealers, other players like you or me.

    That said, I like supporting local stores, and some local stores here in Sweden have websites where you can place orders, and that’s what I do most of the time. If I could I would support local stores more, the community is the single most important aspect of the hobby, and they are often gathered (pun intended) around local stores. Good point, and good post.

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