Top 10 Worst Magic Cards Ever

Hi Guys! Today I’m bringing you what is in my opinion the 10 worst Magic cards ever. This might turn into sort of a rant, so watch out!

10. Camel


Yayy! Camels! Camel is one white for a 0/1, with banding. Banding is essentially this: multiple creatures can attack and block as though they were one creature. Not very useful. Were you always scared of your creatures getting hurt by Deserts? All attacking creatures banded with Camel are immune to desert damage! Great, that prevents damage from the only Desert ever created in Magic! So useful!


Yay! Everyone who runs Desert in their deck will now find that their measly desert is defeated by our Camel! Yay! Camel prevents damage from one card, but one ever uses that card!

9. Scornful Egotist


Eight mana for the great… Scornful Egotist! It’s a mighty 1/1! Either pay eight mana or play it as a morph for 3, and turn it face up for one blue! What was Wizards thinking? Who would play this card? On TCGplayer, you can buy this card for 7 cents, shipping included. That’s how bad it is.

8. Zephyr Spirit


Six mana for a 0/6 is already a bad card. But having to return it to your hand after it blocks? That means you can only block once with it before you have to resummon it for 6 mana!

7. Juju Bubble


Juju Bubble is downright horrible. Before we get into details, for those who don’t know what cumulative upkeep is, it is at the beginning of your upkeep, if this card is on battlefield, put an age counter on it. Then you may pay the cumulative upkeep cost for each age counter on it. If you don‘t, sacrifice it. Just the first effect is bad. On top of that, you can’t play any other cards without having to sacrifice Juju Bubble. What does it do for you? Nothing. You can pay 2 mana to gain 1 life. That’s it. What the heck is this? I have to pay cumulative upkeep, I can’t play any other cards unless I want to sacrifice Juju Bubble, and it does literally nothing for me!

6. Break Open


What is this? All this does is trigger opponent’s creature’s “when this card is turned face up abilities”! You are helping the other player by playing this. Playing it on a face-down Rattleclaw Mystic is basically saying, “Hey opponent, you don’t have to pay mana to turn that guy face-up, I’ll do it for you, so you can get extra mana from it’s effect!” I can’t think of a single use for it.

5. Sorrow’s Path


Well, the first part is okay, you get to exchange blocking creatures. But the second part is outrageous! You have to damage yourself and your creatures every time you tap this land? Worst land ever, by a lot.

4. Wood Elemental


Wood Elemental sucks. Really bad. Want to make it a 4/4, great! You’ll need eight mana, and you’ll need to sacrifice four untapped lands! Such a bad card….

3. Razor Boomerang


Think about how much mana it takes to do one measly damage with this. 3 to play it, 2 to equip it, then you also have to tap the equipped creature, for what? To do one damage. On top of that, after you deal that one damage, you have to return Razor Boomerang to your hand, and play it all over again if you want to do one more damage with it. Really bad. I would love somebody to make a deck using 4 of these.

2. Rakalite

rakalite mtg

Another mana waster. Six whopping mana to cast, and another 2 to activate the effect, and all the effect does is prevent one damage. But wait, there’s more! You also have to return it to your hand! So if you ever want to use it again, you have to use another 6 mana!

1. Drum roll please……………………… Great Wall!

great wall

Perfect for the player who has all the bases covered (A.K.A. Mister Paranoid)! Nullify all plainswalk abilities! Wait one second. When this card was released, guess how many plainswalk cards there were. 1. Guess how many there are now. 4. I’ll put pictures of them all below. Comment if you think I have this all wrong or if you have a great way to use these horrible cards. Thanks!

boggartarsonists antelope righteousavengers zodiacrooster


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Magic Cards Ever

  1. Scornful Egotist has a story, though. Scourge had a “CMC matters” sub-theme, and lots of cards were better when you had a permanent with a high CMC in play, Dispersal Shield, Torrent of Fire, Accelerated Mutation, Rush of Knowledge etc. Scornful Egotist is one way of getting a very high CMC permanent into play, simply.

    That said, it’s still pretty damn awful. The rest of the list is too. Nice job 🙂

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