07/02 Magic Origins Spoilers: Willbreaker, Foundry of the Consuls, and 5 Reprints

Today I’m showing you a total of 7 cards, two new ones and 5 reprints.


What’s with all these Thopters? The set’s not even out yet and I’m already getting sick of them. The card itself is a pretty good utility land, and I’m planning on using it in multiple decks.


Willbreaker is one useful card in a control deck. Using a Curse of the Swine with Willbreaker will be really funny. I mean exiling X of your opponent’s creatures and getting X 2/2s for XUU seems really overpowered.


These are three of the five reprints spoiled today.Celestial Flare is nice to see back, the others are okay.


Smash is great to see back because of all the artifact goodies in this set. Might of the Masses might do well in Tribal G/B Elf.

Thanks for viewing today’s spoilers! Any thoughts on them? Please comment below!


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