07/01 Magic Origins Spoilers: 3 New Cards and 3 New Emblems!

Happy July! Hi guys! Today there were 10+ cards released, and I’m not really feeling that up to it. I’m doing 3 cards, along with 3 emblems, one for Jace, one for Chandra, and one for Liliana.


Gilt-Leaf Winnower is a good card, and I like that there is a new targeting restriction (well, at least I haven’t seen it before). I would prefer if it was like 4/4 for 3BB or 3/3 for 2BB. The menace effect also adds to the power of this card. Pretty good, I think I may make a Standard green black Tribal elf deck. You know how Theros was like “the enchantment block”? Well, I think Magic Origins has had more enchantment goodies so far than the whole Theros block combined. This new centaur would do really well in an enchantment deck, and maybe I might make a Modern enchantment deck with Theros and Magic Origins cards in it.


Next, we have Tragic Arrogance. Tragic Arrogance is an okay board wiper, and can allow you to keep some of your vital cards while you can also choose for your opponent to be left with the worst cards he has. I might test it out in the blue white control deck that I’m thinking of making. Any thoughts on it?


The emblems for Liliana, Chandra, and Jace all were spoiled today. Also, all the tokens for Magic Origins were spoiled. Check out the tokens on magicspoilers.com.

Thanks for viewing this spoiler! Sorry that I wasn’t feeling up to posting about more, I’ve had a tiring day so far! Please comment your thoughts on these cards and my thoughts on them below.


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