06/30 Magic Origins Spoilers: 6 Cards and September FNM Promo

Hi guys, the spoilers are kind of getting out of hand, I won’t be able to cover even most of them. If you really want to keep up with all the spoilers, check them out here: Magic Origins Spoilers. Today I have 6 rares and the September FNM Promo.


Gaea’s Revenge is a M11 reprint. In M11, it was a mythic, and now it’s only a rare. This is going to be interesting in sealed. Abbot of Keral Keep is a great 2 mana card, it’s a 2/1 with prowess and has a pretty good use it or lose it second effect.


Animist’s Awakening is a great card for a big mana deck, allowing you to get an adjustable amount of mana, it also has a great spell mastery effect. I don’t like Priest of the Blood Rite much, it seems like more of a slightly buffed up uncommon, well if you find a way to get rid of it after you summon it, you have a great 5/5 demon with flying. Otherwise, you are going to be losing life every turn.


Talent of the Telepath is a great blue card, you can cast opponent’s spells while milling 7 cards for 4 mana only! Despoiler of Souls, is an okay early game creature, and also you can bring it back anytime if you exile two creatures from your graveyard.


Orator of Ojutai is the next September FNM Promo. It’s a DTK reprint, and is pretty nice. I am a little surprised that they reprinted as a rare, because it was previously a uncommon.

Thanks for viewing today’s spoilers! If you have any thoughts, comment below!


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