06/29 Magic Origins Spoilers Part 1: Embermaw Hellion and Green Mythic

So guys, today and yesterday night, 5 really sweet cards were spoiled, I really wanted to talk about them both, so I separated the spoilers into two parts. In this part, I’m talking about Embermaw Hellion, a card spoiled from France, and a green mythic: The Great Aurora.


Found on the Le Monde, this translates to:

Embermaw Hellion

Creature – Hellion

When ever another red source you control would deal damage to a permanent or a player, it deals that much damage +1 instead.


This is a pretty good red card, and useful in a burn deck because all your burn spells will deal an additional damage. Other than the effect, it’s a great 4/5 with trample for only 5 mana!


The Great Aurora is a great green mythic except for one thing: the mana cost. I know this is a great board resetter, but the mana cost just makes it almost impossible to play in any normal game. In EDH, it would do pretty well because EDH typically has long games and you accumulate a lot of mana. In EDH, it could get you out of a bad situation in the late game.

Thanks for viewing these spoilers! Hope you enjoyed! Expect Part 2 sometime later today!


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