The Drifting Wraiths


Hello, sorry for the long break. Today I’m sharing The Drifting Wraiths, a spirit deck. This spirit deck wins by using flying spirits to attack over your opponents defenses. The noncreature spells in this deck allow you to replenish your life total and to counter any threats that your opponent may play against you. This is a LEGACY deck, but soon I’ll post a Standard deck.

2x Absorb
2x Abuna’s Chant
2x Alabaster Potion
2x Angel’s Mercy
2x Annul
2x Archangel’s Light
2x Azorius Herald
2x Battleground Geist
2x Belfry Spirit
2x Cancel
2x Chameleon Spirit
2x Cloudhoof Kirin
2x Condescend
2x Counterspell
2x Drogskol Captain
2x Drogskol Reaver
2x Dungeon Geists
2x Geist of Saint Traft
12x Island
12x Plains

Timestamp: 6/28/15

Price: $71.08

View it on TappedOut: The Drifting Wraiths


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