MTG Art Discussion: Blessed Spirits

“Attack with my Dead Kids for 2.” -Coming soon to an FNM near you -Garrub, on Reddit


Blessed Spirits is a card in Magic Origins that has sparked new discussions on card art. I mean, showing children as ghosts? Was this intentional? Yes. Why did they do this? The flavor text is also quite disturbing: “Not all heroes die in armor.” This indicates they died for a cause, and are child martyrs. Magic players are all tweeting and redditing all about this:

I think Blessed Spirits has managed to surpass Village Cannibal in terms of art that makes me uncomfortable -Pat Rootwalla, on Twitter

Already planning a nice page of Foil Obzedat (Ghost Daddy), Foil Anafenza, Kin Tree Spirit (Ghost Mummy), Ghost Hounds and Foil Blessed Spirits (Ghost Kids) all surrounded by creepy Sin Collectors. Also kinda wishing that they just had the boy in the picture so it could be nicknamed Casper. -Apellosine, on Reddit

“In response, I kill your 2 already dead children” -jollyoldtime, on Reddit

Welcome back to innistrad, I guess -thelaststormcrow, on Reddit

What do you think about Blessed Spirit? Is the art too dark? Or do you think it’s okay? Comment your thoughts below!


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