06/26 Magic Origins Spoiler: Goblin Piledriver, Elves, and Djnn!

I’m back with more spoilers! We’ve got Goblin Piledriver, some Elves, and a Djinn.

Goblin Piledriver

Goblin Piledriver, a Vintage Masters reprint, is going to really rock standard with Goblin Rabblemaster for the next 3 months. It’s quite good for a two mana goblin because it gives all the goblins attacking with him +2/+0.

Shaman of the PackSylvan MessengerDwyen's EliteGnarlrootTrapper

We have four elves spoiled today, Shaman of the Pack, a good damage elf, Sylvan Messenger, a good card to help restock your hand with more elves, Dwynen’s Elite, a ok elf that can get you a 1/1 Elf token, and Gnarlroot Trapper, a good one mana card that allows you gain mana and also can give an Elf deathtouch.

Soulblade Djinn

Soulblade Djnn would go well in an Prowess deck because when you play a noncreature spell, Soulblade Djnn gives all your creatures +1/+1. It’s also a good attacker, five mana for a 4/3 with flying.

What do you think of these spoilers? Do you have ideas for them? Comment your thoughts below!


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