06/25 Magic Origins Spoilers: Painlands! Mythic Artifact! Burn! Black Mythic!

Hi Guys, new spoilers! Just released today! Painlands are back! Yes!

BattlefieldForge ShivanReef CavesOFKolios LlanowarWastes Yavimaya Coast

Same art as M15, but I’m happy that they reprinted so I can use them in Limited.


This a great card, I mean gain two times as much life and draw twice as many cards (excluding the first one)? That’s good for a 5 mana artifact! I guess it’s the archive of Alhammarret, High Arbiter, the display card for the blue deck in Magic Origins.


Demonic Pacts’s picture is Liliana, I think. It’s a 4 mana enchantment which each upkeep you must choose one of four effects but you may only choose each once. The first one is life drain, second is discard, third is a card draw, but the fourth kills you. I guess if you can win using it within three turns, then it’s a great card, but if you can’t win within those three turns, you lose the game. Is it worth it? Hard to tell. I wouldn’t personally go make pacts with demons though. 🙂


Next up, we have Exquisite Firecraft. It has a new mechanic from Origins called Spell mastery which makes your spell uncounterable if you two or more instants or sorceries in the graveyard. Exquisite Firecraft is quite a good burn card, with 3 mana for 4 damage and it has spell mastery. Pretty standard runnable, if you ask me.

Thanks for viewing today’s spoilers, if you liked them, please like this post and follow my blog. See you next time. 🙂


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