06/24 MTG Origins Spoilers: Clash Pack, Jace, And New Commons

Hello everybody, today I’ll be writing about the Magic Origins Clash Pack, Jace, and the new commons spoiled today. I already talked about the San Diego Comic Con Jace in this post, but I’m here to show you what the non-promo looks like.


The art for these are pretty nice. Jace, Telepath Unbound is a nice control planeswalker with a killer mill effect for it’s -9. It’s expected to be pretty playable, and pre-order is a little over 20$. Next, we’re going to look at the clash pack.


The clash pack front cards are Dromoka and Honored Hierarch. So far three cards have been spoiled from the clash pack. Dromoka, Honored Hierarch and Seeker of the Way.


Honored Hierarch is a new card, and Dromoka is a Khans reprint. Hierarch is a powerful one mana creature, also with a mana adding effect while it’s renowned.


Seeker of the Way is a Khans reprint, and I liked it so I’m glad I’m going to able to get it from the clash pack. Next, we look at the commons that were spoiled today.


Cleric of the Forward Order is not very good. Faerie Miscreant is a pretty good one mana flier. These cards both only become useful if you can get several of them at once.


Infectious Bloodlust would be good in an Aggro deck, and when the enchanted creature dies, you can get another one from your library. Undead Servant is only useful if you get several of them in the graveyard.


Timberpack Wolf has been reprinted from Innistrad. It’s okay, a 2/2 for 2 mana, and also gets better the more you have. It’s funny, all the commons spoiled today have something in common: Their effects all include their own card name! That’s funny 🙂

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