The New Envious Evergreen Mechanics!

Hello! Today we will discuss the new evergreen mechanics! Good examples of evergreen mechanics are flying and trample, evergreen mechanics can be used in any set. (Just in case you didn’t know) So replacing intimidate, landwalk, and protection, in comes scry, prowess, and menace.

I’m so sad to see intimidate leave, I personally love to sideboard intimidate cards. But I love that they’re brining in prowess! That is my favorite khans block mechanic! So fun to use and now I’ll be able to use them in Origins drafts! YAYY! Scry, was used a lot in Theros block. I used it a lot. Super useful when you’re just looking for those few cards. Menace is a new keyword. What it does is it requires the creature with menace to be blocked by two or more creatures. Nice that they finally have a keyword for that effect.

A scry card in Origins, courtesy of Gideon being born in Theros. I hate overpriced burn, I mean you make it overpriced just because you put scry 1 on it? Definitely don’t like this card. Perfect example of a bad overpriced burn card.

An example of the Menace keyword. I might try it out in my Goblin Rabblemaster deck. I guess Menace could help you if you need to divert some blockers.

Finally, a example of prowess in Origins. This card is from Gideon’s exploration of Bant. I absolutely love this card, probably going in my standard Jeskai deck. A better version of Stealer of Secrets. Probably will edge Stealer out of my unblockable deck.

A few things before I end this post. From tomorrow afternoon to next Sunday, I will be going incommunicado, and will not be able to post, moderate comments, respond to emails, etc. I’m sorry for the gap in blog activity. I also mentioned a lot of the decks that I have, and you guys don’t know what in them (for the most part). Over the next two weeks after I get back, I will try to post deck lists of my three standard decks, 7 modern decks, and my one EDH deck. Sorry EDH lovers. Only got one. 😦


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