It’s a Wall Deck! Stalling While Milling

Hello! I am deckmeister, this is my first post on this blog! I just recently started posting and will be posting both fun and competitive deck ideas! These ideas will include pricing information and a link to the TappedOut version of the deck that I posted!

This is a LEGACY deck, the main concept for this deck is to stall using high toughness walls while milling your opponent out. This deck is supposed to be a fun deck to play, not necessarily a competitive one.

2x Alabaster Wall
1x Brain Freeze
3x Cathedral Membrane
2x Chronic Flooding
2x Curse of the Bloody Tome
1x Dazzling Ramparts
2x Doorkeeper
2x Evanescent Intellect
2x Floodgate
1x Glacial Wall
1x Illusionary Wall
2x Increasing Confusion
12x Island
12x Plains
3x Rolling Stones
3x Shield Wall
2x Sunweb
2x Wall of Air
1x Wall of Essence
1x Wall of Frost
2x Wall of Nets
1x Wall of Reverence

Timestamp: 6/12/15 12:21

Price: $17.10

View it on TappedOut: Wall Deck


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