New Uncommons/Commons Revealed In MTG Origins!

We’re back with a MTG Origins update, new common and uncommons have been released. I will show you several of them then put in a link to the rest of the cards:

Looks like it’s from the Theros plane, this card is pretty sweet. Could work well in a heroic deck. Nice art also. So for Magic Origins they’re doing cards from 10 different planes, 2 for each planeswalker. 1 for their home plane and 1 for their first “planeswalk” world. This is from Theros, Gideon’s home world. He grew up in the slums of Akros. For more on Gideon backstory view this post.

Thanks for viewing this post! Here is the link with all the MTG Origins cards that have been revealed so far. If you like this kind of post, like and comment for more!


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